The whole truth about black

Black has not only entered the presentation room boldly – depending on its volume, and the style you choose, the result can be exciting and aesthetic. The black color retains its dominant role even when if you’re not using as a main feature in the interior. Yet a single black object in the room’s bright, sculptural shape will instantly catch your attention – they will be visible in any background.

In the black space, we feel the power of color, the boundless, mysterious world, the breath of the afterlife. But on the other hand, staying in such a dark environment for a long time sometimes could be difficult. After satisfaction with the greatness of blackness comes the feeling of self-deprivation, and we may experience a state of melancholy and even depression.

But if black is used right, you can create unique elegance. Thus, this color has always been integral to the image of noble grandeur, artistic, and intellectual bohemian. Black creates a peaceful, peaceful atmosphere in the interior, so many people feel comfortable at dusk. There is a stereotype that, in general, dark colors make the space visually lighter. Yes, that’s true, but these accusations aren’t for black.

You can use black color in the interior of almost every room – perhaps the only exception would be the children’s room but more about that later. You can create dark interiors in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathrooms. Just remember that black is an intense color, so it is recommended to combine it with other shades.

A Timeless Trend

When looking for a dark aesthetic, black furniture such as tables, shelves, sofas, or chairs are the most common choices in the interior. It also uses stylish black wall accents as well as black tiles and photo posters. People choose it because it is always fashionable and can add elegance and mystery. If the furniture that no longer fits into the interior, you can repaint it, prolonging its life and making them a breath of fresh air at home. From our experience, we can safely say that the dark-colored cabinet furniture on which the TV is built looks almost the best – it goes well with the light décor.

Deep black gives the impression of boundless space. Perfectly matched with all colors – bright, sharp, pastel – black combines many of the colorful accessories in the room into a harmonious blend of beautiful brown, white, gold, red, emerald, ocher. Combine black with gold and white to create a royal atmosphere.

The classic combination: black and white

You will hardly see a completely black interior, but if you did find it, it would probably not be a living room or bedroom. Blacks alone are more likely to see a bath or toilet. When designing interiors in black, you should add white color as a counterweight. Black is easy to match to any color gamut, but the most popular combination is black and white. The white-black interior is always a stunning and impressive result. The color palette is based on a sharp contrast of two opposites that will not let any detail slip through your eyes. The black and white interior is a surreal place; it is the deepest shadow and the full light.

You can paint the floor and ceiling in white and feel like a weightless state between black furniture. You can distance yourself from the world by a black wall from which neither sounds nor emotions penetrate.
The idea is to create a solid foundation under your feet (black floor) or above your head, a reliable and secure roof (black ceiling). But the most unexpected in terms of strength and effect on the eyes is the chessboard. Square space creates a feeling of unreality, mystery.

Worth knowing

Black and white are non-selectable; they feel comfortable in virtually any style space: rococo, art deck, high-tech, eclectic or modern classics. These colors look great on any surface, in any design combined with other colors. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to buy the first black or white furniture you encounter.

Remember: these colors come in many shades, and they may not even fit together perfectly. Besides, the shape of objects is crucial in a black and white interior. Adding them, they will be highlighted, and the colors themselves will be in the background. If the interiors of black and white prevail in the interior, all other shades should also be cold.

Don’t use a lot of different patterns and drawings. Aesthetics will look like openwork and geometric lines, a combination of rectangles and round patterns. One of the prerequisites for harmony in black and white is to keep balance, following the traditional Chinese principle of in and Jang: say, put a black chair in the white corner and lay a white pillow on the black bedspread. Probably a lot of people have the question: How do you feel in a space where white and black are just where the positives and negatives are? The point is that when touched, the two colors neutralize each other, and you remain in peace. By giving this interior a variety of colors, you can control your emotional state.

Black walls, floors, ceilings

If you choose black as the dominant color in your interior, let the walls be black. Depending on the intended purpose and decorative ideas, such a decision can make a room more casual and solemn or rigorous and elegant.

A room with black walls requires at least one colorful or white piece of furniture. It is even better to have a few of these items, with multicolored accessories and fabrics. For living quarters you should choose a black matte finish: it looks more luxurious, it doesn’t reflect light. The ideal color will be the one that most resembles a school board.

Black wallpapers with blurry textures will look better than stand out surfaces. Another idea is a textured black brick wall. It will be suitable for office work, library, bathroom. You could add a black brick wall with posters hanging on them. Loft design would suit that way. All in all, black is an excellent backdrop for vivid color accents (different shades of blue, purple, brown, green, yellow, and of course, white). By the way, white on a black background will shine even more clearly.

The more controversial option is the black ceiling; they are expected to pressure, press, visually reduce the height of the room, and attract attention. Of course, black ceilings will become the most important accent of the interior, but it is because of its dominant role that they will integrate all the interior elements.

A less radical option is using black is a black floor. Black floors are gaining popularity. The interiors, with dark wood floors, are solemn and substantial, expressing the rise of any shade and pattern.

Important and small interiors

When designing a home interior, it is essential to keep in mind the small black accents, like the sofa cushions and wall shelves. These details enliven the overall picture, especially if some wall is black. If wall décor, such as mirrors or artwork, plays a crucial role in the interior of a room, black will help accentuate them. Black wall should not be left uncovered so that it does not create an overly depressing mood or obscure other elements of the room. Often one forgets about one detail of the interior – the carpet, which can become a bright accent of the home. The rug is sometimes challenging to maintain, but choosing the right color will prevent unnecessary headaches when designing the interior. We advise black fans to combine dark carpets with other colors.

Industrial Design Moods

The metallic trend nowadays is the metal objects that create an industrial design in the home space. This design concept will always look very elegant when used in combination with black interiors – a dining table or coffee table, various metal shelves, or chandeliers.

When the interior of a room is black, keep in mind that there is a risk of losing coziness. The more dark spaces in a home, the more artificial lighting solutions you need to think about, as interior shades of such shades will reflect less light. The perfect solution is black metal or brass lamps, which will give the interior a specific atmosphere,” says the interior specialist.

Black walls highlight the sofa.

An attractive interior solution is to leave one wall black and the other painted white or light. In such a room, you could use a bright color, such as a blue velvet sofa, which will always look elegant. Besides, brightly colored furniture on a black background prevents the gloomy mood, but adds contrast and creates an impression of sophistication. Such interior solutions bring dramatic, but at the same time, reveal a sense of home warmth.

The Rooms


The interior of a living room can be rich in black, especially matt – it will blend well with bright accessories. Lemon colors, red, brown and blue cushions, gold picture frames, bronze light stand – these colors look excellent side by side in a dark interior and blend in with each other. Remember that the bright details on the black background are even more pronounced, so be careful with colored accessories if you want to create a quiet interior. The black color goes well with the wood. In general, add textures of natural materials, so varying contrasts between black and white further enhance it.

Wooden furniture and accessories made from brownish leather, pastel brown paintings will not become bright spots, but the lack of clarity. The classic black interior in the living room is a combination of black walls with gold, brown, and white. One option to use black in the interior is to paint full wooden window frames. The accent will be distinct, and the view through the window will become brighter and more transparent. To prevent black furniture on a white wall from becoming a bright spot, hang dark color paintings on the same wall, and lay a black and white rug on the floor. Black-and-white streaks should be used moderately, as this pattern is very active.

In the bedroom

Black color in the bedroom is ideal — for example, a light bedroom with a black matt wall and black leather armchair. Fur blankets and pillows will look harmonious here. Black walls and black furniture will aesthetically contrast with white bed linen.

In the kitchen

The stereotypical assumption that black is unsuitable for kitchens is old: most minimalist kitchen facades are explicitly designed for black, although it should be used moderately in the kitchen interior and should not be predominant. Black geometric elements look great in the kitchen. For example, a black and white tile floor is a classic combination often used in Scandinavian style interiors. Like the black hood and other kitchen appliances, for uniqueness, you should decorate with bronze or rose gold details.


Today, black is so popular that it is used in children’s rooms as well. It does not look gloomy and mournful as most of you might think: paired with bright accessories gives the room more fun and festive mood than the pastel shades. Teens especially love this color: with its colorful details and original lighting, it helps create a youthful, individual, active interior. A matt school board color wall will help your child express their creativity. Such a wall can be painted and painted with chalk – it is easy to clean with a wet sponge.

In the bathroom and toilet

In these rooms, black looks exceptionally stylish. A black bath will be more reminiscent of a work cabinet, and a few gold and crystal accessories will surprise you with a custom design.

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